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Tips to Keep Your Antler Dog Healthy - Bathing

Good hygiene and a kind, loving home are essentials for the growth of any healthy pet. Dogs, in particular, need to be kept clean as they are the most active of pets. Their agility and responsiveness are improved by proper health care and cleanliness. Dog's teeth, nails, coat, and ears need to be taken special care of. Also, you may want to clean their antler dog chews with warm water.


Usually, a dog only needs a bath when its coat gets dirty, however it also depends on the breed of your dog and where the dog is kept. If your dog sleeps on your bed, and many do, you will probably want to bath him/her more often. A dog that lives outside will only require an occasional bath.

In all cases, it is best to use a pet shampoo to bath your dog. The thing to remember is that a dog's skin is more delicate than a human's and is much more prone to drying out when washed. Human based shampoos are formulated to remove all the oils from skin. It is best to get one formulated specifically for dogs that will remove dirt but not the essential oils. 

*Baby shampoo may be used too because it will not irritate your dog's eyes — however, its this mild soap may not remove heavy dirt, grease and grime as well as a dog shampoo.


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Antler Dog Chews Increase in Popularity

Month after month, we are seeing more and more traffic on our web site. An increasing number of pet owners are searching for antler dog chews. So why are antler treats for dogs so popular? The answers are simple: shed antler is natural, organic and good for your dog. Processed chews and treats contain fillers and ingredients that are not a natural part of a dog's diet. They often have a strong odor and are quickly gobbled up. Antler on the hand is virtually odor free, made up of healthy minerals, and lasts a long time. Try them for your dog and you'll be hooked!

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Antlers for Dogs, Who Knew?

I am constantly surprised by how many people haven't heard of antler dog chews. I was just at the kennel today dropping off our dog Kofi when I asked the girl at the front desk if they sold antlers for dogs. She looked at me funny, so I had to explain the why, what and how. The other girl working immediately exclaimed that she gives them to her dogs all the time. Hopefully it doesn't stay a secret for too long :)

Remember to share this great organic treat with all of your friends and family. Let's get the word out, that antlers for dogs are the best chews money can buy!

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Fun Dog Facts

 Here are a few random facts about our dogs:

  • A dog’s heart beats between 70 and 120 times a minute, compared with a human heart which beats 70 to 80 times a minute.
  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the smallest dog on record was a Yorkshire Terrier in Great Britain who, at the age of 2, weighed just 4 ounces.
  • Dogs have sweat glands in between their paws
  • During the Middle Ages, Great Danes and Mastiffs were sometimes suited with armor and spiked collars to enter a battle or to defend supply caravans
  • The American Kennel Club, the most influential dog club in the United States, was founded in 1884
  • Those born under the sign of the dog in Chinese astrology are considered to be loyal and discreet, though slightly temperamental
  • A dog's favorite treat is an antler chew (ok, maybe we added this one)

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Tips for a Healthy Coat

Use the following tips to help your dog have the healthiest coat on the block!
1. Nutritious Diet. It is important to feed your dog a diet consisting of a minimum of 21 percent protein, 25 percent is ideal for more active dogs. Note: some breeders suggest that feeding your dog a diet that consists of meat, bones, vegetables and fruits is ideal.

2. Regular Vet Check-ups. Take your dog to see the vet regularly. Many dog owners do not take their dog to the vet. Regular check-ups can help prevent common problems later.

3. Decrease Wet Baths. As a caring dog owner, it is instinctive to want to wash your dog
regularly. However, over-bathing can cause your dog to experience hair loss, skin allergies and/or brittle hair. Over-bathing can diminish a dog's natural oils.

4. Brush Regularly. Begin at the base of the dog and raise the hair upward and away from the bottom-most layers. Lightly brush
the hair downward and towards the hair growth.

5. Alleviating Tangles. You can remove your dog’s tangles by spraying and massaging the coat with a dog hair detangler and water mixture. Use the brush to work the tangle from outside of the tangle to inside of it. It takes patience, so always reward your dog with an antler chew :)

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