Tips for a Healthy Coat

Use the following tips to help your dog have the healthiest coat on the block!
1. Nutritious Diet. It is important to feed your dog a diet consisting of a minimum of 21 percent protein, 25 percent is ideal for more active dogs. Note: some breeders suggest that feeding your dog a diet that consists of meat, bones, vegetables and fruits is ideal.

2. Regular Vet Check-ups. Take your dog to see the vet regularly. Many dog owners do not take their dog to the vet. Regular check-ups can help prevent common problems later.

3. Decrease Wet Baths. As a caring dog owner, it is instinctive to want to wash your dog
regularly. However, over-bathing can cause your dog to experience hair loss, skin allergies and/or brittle hair. Over-bathing can diminish a dog's natural oils.

4. Brush Regularly. Begin at the base of the dog and raise the hair upward and away from the bottom-most layers. Lightly brush
the hair downward and towards the hair growth.

5. Alleviating Tangles. You can remove your dog’s tangles by spraying and massaging the coat with a dog hair detangler and water mixture. Use the brush to work the tangle from outside of the tangle to inside of it. It takes patience, so always reward your dog with an antler chew :)

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