Antler Dog Chews

Girl holding antler

Antler chews are healthy for dogs and promote clean teeth and gums. AntlerBone chews are hand-selected for the best consistency in size, shape, and thickness. We use only PREMIUM GRADE deer and elk antler.

Don't Forget, AntlerBone Antlers...

  • Are the longest lasting dog chews
  • Are naturally shed, renewable, and completely organic 
  • Have no added chemicals, steroids, or hormones
  • Taste great and full of health benefits
  • Are hypoallergenic
  • Won't splinter like cooked bones

We offer a variety of Veterinarian recommended chew sizes for your dog.

Antlers 101:

Antlers are boney structures that occur only in a select number of animals. They grow most commonly in pairs and each antler grows out from the animal’s skull. When the antler first appears, it is covered in a soft, plush material known as “velvet”.

Once the antler reaches its full size, the soft velvet is released and the boney structure appears (this is the “antler” that most of us are familiar with). The animal will shed it’s antlers once a year. It drops from the animals skull at a connection point called a “burr”.

Shortly after the shed, the animal will begin to store nutrients that will aid in the growth of a new pair. This process is usually seasonal. It is important to gather the shed antler before it has spent too much time in the elements. This ensures that the antler stays hard and smooth.