Types of Antler Chews

Image of Dog chewing an antler burr

We offer Mule Deer and Elk antler chews in a variety of sizes. Both the deer and elk chews are chosen from premium quality sheds. The elk antler tends to be slightly more rough in texture, dark in color, thicker, heavier, and straighter. While deer antler appears lighter in color, is smoother, less dense, and will often have more variation. 

Most dogs love both types of antler equally. However, depending on the chewing habits of your dog, you may want to try both to see if the texture or other variations cause him or her to prefer one or the other. 

Another great option is presented in antler burrs for dogs. The burr is the bottom piece of the antler which attaches to the animals skull before it is shed. The burr is cut into a disk shape approximately .75 to 1.5 inches thick. Burrs offer a rich texture and wide slice of marrow. Dogs adore them!

Just as with any chew, supervise your dog while he is chewing a burr. Burrs are smaller and easy for a pet to try to swallow.