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Antler Dog Chews

The Best Antler for Dogs

We are pleased to offer our customers the highest quality, hand-cut, premium antler dog chews

Each AntlerBone™ antler chew is all-natural, renewable, and rich in minerals. Antler chews are healthy for dogs and promote clean teeth and gums. Our antlers for dogs are hand-selected for the best consistency in size, shape, and thickness. We use only PREMIUM GRADE deer and elk antler. We encourage you to compare our products and see why we are the preferred antler dog chew of pet lovers and veterinarians everywhere!

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  • Lasts for weeks to months
  • Naturally shed & completely organic 
  • No added chemicals, steroids, or hormones
  • Great taste and full of health benefits
  • Hypoallergenic product
  • Premium antlers do not splinter

We offer a variety of Veterinarian recommended chew sizes as both Elk Antlers for Dogs  and Deer Antlers for Dogs.

Each order is taken over a secure server and shipped within 24 hours!

We are often asked, are antler dog chews safe? The answer is YES! Our premium antler chews are safe, organic, hypoallergenic and a natural solution that your pet will absolutely love.

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    Our commitment to you is that we will always offer premium product, at fair price, delivered quickly to your door. We are family business and take pride in each step of the process. We feel great about every order we ship. We have confidence in knowing that we are positively impacting the lives of both owners and their pets. From careful hand selection to precision cutting, preparing, and packaging, we do everything we can to ensure that you and your dog receive exactly what you are looking for.  Antler chews are healthy, responsible, natural, and safe.

     Thanks to you, AntlerBone keeps growing in leaps and bounds. We appreciate your business and all of your wonderful referrals. We are most excited by our phenomenal amount of repeat customers and friends. This is the best compliment that we can get! We are absolutely thrilled with the quality of our products and know you are too.  It’s not often that a product can offer so much to so many. We also pledge our support to all of those involved in the process. From our dedicated suppliers and friends that gather this natural resource to our loyal customers who allow us to do what we love. This endeavor has built, and will continue to build lasting friendships.  

     Please let us know if there are any ways to serve you better. Feel free to email us at any time with you comments and ideas. Please also share with us your stories and pictures. We love to see our product in action!

     Our site is full of great resources. For those who are not as familiar with our products or antler dog chews in general, please read through a brief overview below.

    Deer and Elk Antlers for Dogs 101:

    Antlers are boney structures that occur only in a select number of animals. They grow most commonly in pairs and each antler grows out from the animal’s skull. When the antler first appears, it is covered in a soft, plush material known as “velvet”. Once the antler reaches its full size, the soft velvet is released and the boney structure appears (this is the “antler” that most of us are familiar with). The animal will shed it’s antlers once a year. It drops from the animals skull at a connection point called a “burr”. Shortly after the shed, the animal will begin to store nutrients that will aid in the growth of a new pair. This process is usually seasonal. It is important to gather the shed antler before it has spent too much time in the elements. This ensures that the antler stays hard and smooth.  

    Organic, naturally shed antlers are gathered and cut into chews. Each chew is measured and categorized to properly accommodate different pets based on their size and chewing habits.

    Our AntlerBone treats are the perfect dog chew solution. They are ultra-durable and satisfy the most aggressive chewers. They are also 100% renewable and organic. Processed chews and treats contain fillers and ingredients that are not a natural part of a dog's diet. They often have a strong odor and are quickly gobbled up. Many treats also can leave residue on your dog’s teeth that can cause bad breath and chronic dental problems. Antler is virtually odor free, made up of healthy minerals, and great for your dog’s teeth and gums.